Lyminge conference publication now available

Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History 20: Early Medieval Monasticism in the North Sea Zone: Recent Research and New Perspectives

We are delighted to announce the latest publication from the Lyminge Project based upon the proceedings of international conference held at the University of Kent in April 2015 at which several Lyminge residents were present. The conference brought together leading historians and archaeologists to reflect upon the results of the Lyminge excavations framed within the context of the expansion of monasticism across the early medieval North Sea region. The latest discoveries from Lyminge and their wider importance obviously take centre stage (enhanced by an extensive selection of colour illustrations, including wonderful shots of the Anglo-Saxon glass taken by John Piddock!), but the volume will appeal to anyone with an interest in the history of monasticism in Anglo-Saxon Kent and the archaeology of early medieval monasticism more generally.

Copies of the volume will be donated to Lyminge Historical Society and Lyminge Library in recognition of all the support and encouragement which local residents have given to the project.

Those wishing to purchase their own copy can do so through Oxbow Books.

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