2014 Alumni Reunion

The Department of Modern Languages and European Studies Alumni Reunion took place on Saturday 21 June. It was a great opportunity for past and present staff and students of European Studies, French, German, and Italian to meet and to share their memories. It was also a chance to see whether current students and staff could match the alumni for knowledge of the University of Reading: congratulations to the Translators’ team who took home the prize in the quiz performance on the history, cultural and academic life of the department!

Current students in the department really enjoyed the opportunity to learn what Reading graduates had gone on to accomplish in the world. Melis Parmak, a student in German and Management, said that “the Alumni event was such a great experience! Those sympathetic Alumni were a reflection of myself in the future. Their experiences and their stories opened my eyes and mind to appreciate what I have right at this moment. It encouraged me to try my best and never to stop believing in myself. This event was supportive, encouraging and motivating and I would therefore advice others to participate in such an incredible event. Thank you for the invitation!”

If you’re a Reading alumna or alumnus, we hope to see you at future reunions. But you don’t have to wait until then to get in touch. Tell us your story. The University of Reading publishes alumni profiles online. If you’d like to share your story, all you have to do is fill out an online questionnaire.

And of course we would love to hear from you in the Department of Modern Languages and European Studies. We’re introducing a new regular feature on our blog: Meet a Reading Graduate. Our alumni are to be found all over the world doing wonderful things. If you’d like to share your story, as well as a few  memories of the department, please get in touch with our Alumni Officer, Dr Irene Fabry-Tehranchi. Tell us where your language degree took you.

Our alumni shared a few photos with us at the reunion. See anyone you recognise? If you have photos you’d like to share, please do send them our way. We’re very Happy at Reading and we love to remember all of the happy times that we’ve shared together.


Backstage at a department theatre production of Aucassin et Nicolette (2-6 March 1999) featuring (from right to left) Chris Rock, Malcolm Rowe, Wolfgang van Emden, Claudia Solaro, and F. LE Saux. 2-6 March 1999.

Photo 1
Alumna Dany Milman, who graduated with a degree in Italian in 1994, with Prof. Baranski.
18th Century French Tutor Group Mar 95
18th-Century French Tutor Group, March 1995
French Cabaret Dec 1992
French Cabaret, December 1992
French Cabaret Dec 1994
French Cabaret, December 1994
French Finalists photo Jun 95
French Finalists, June 1995

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