Hard to choose a winner

Open_Day_Girls_BrandedAt University of Reading Open Days, the Department of Modern Languages and European Studies invites all our visitors to submit entries for a Blog Post Competition. This year’s topic was “Why study languages?”

There were so many great entries this year that our committee had a hard time choosing a winner.

Here’s an excellent submission from our runner-up, Emily Beckett.

I began to learn Italian as my second modern foreign language at GCSE. Instantly the language felt natural which ultimately led me to wanting to study it at university. This interest and passion for Italian was reflected in my GCSE result. Following this success at GCSE I went on to study Italian at “A” level. During the past two years this passion has developed into learning not only more about the language but also about the culture, traditions and history of the Italian nation.


I want to continue my study of the Italian language at University because I’m interested and excited for the new skills that it will allow me to acquire. Along with developing my communication skills, which will be a valuable asset when applying for jobs in today’s increasingly international working environment, it will enhance my fluency making me a more confident and independent Italian speaker. I would also like to further my study of Italian at University because I want to advance and mature my knowledge and understanding of not only the Italian language but the English as well. I feel the additional language will make me even more aware of my native language therefore helping me improve my general communication.


In addition, I think that learning a foreign language challenges your brain in ways which other subjects cannot as it requires you to comprehend the rules, structure and differences of the language. Studying a language at university will allow me to grow and mature as a learner.

Furthermore, learning a modern language will open up a world of opportunities for me. In the foreseeable future I wish to travel and explore the world with my language therefore having such a high level of fluency will not limit the boundaries I wish to explore. Likewise if I decide to move abroad after University the additional language will make it possible for me to integrate into the community with ease and experience the true local culture.

Panorama Siena Palazzo Pubblico

Finally, if we are to aspire to become a truly multi-cultural nation then I believe we should all aspire to learn a modern foreign language.  We now live in a global and ever shrinking society and learning about the life and cultures from beyond our shores is crucial.

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  1. This was a very interesting and insightful post to read! I love your eagerness to learn more about Italy and languages and agree fully with your points about aspiring to be a multicultural nation. Your post has smoothed over my small doubts about studying Italian at university, so thank you! I look forward to reading more of your work (if you ever do write/post pieces again, that is) 🙂 ~ Keeley

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