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Students in the Department of Modern Languages and European Studies at the University of Reading find many ways to explore language and culture inside the classroom and beyond. One of the best ways is through the University’s language societies. We’ve asked the presidents of the French, German, and Italian Societies to fill us in on the kinds of opportunities they offer. First up is Melis Parmak, a joint-honours student of German and Business Management as well as President of The German Society here at the University of Reading. Here’s what she has to say:

German 3If you’re studying German, like I do, or are German, then the German Society is the club for you. If you speak German or would like to, this is the club for you. If you like beer, schnapps, Lederhosen, Schlager Musik or all manner of things Germanic; THIS IS THE CLUB FOR YOU!

We’re a fun bunch of people who are having an amazing time imitating the culture on our socials, whether they are Stammtische, Kaffee und Kuchen evenings or a night out in Reading in our lederhosen. This is a great place to meet like-minded people who speak German, have an interest in German culture, or just like coming on our socials at the University of Reading.

Recently, we hosted a very successful joined social event called ‘around the world in 90 shots’ with the Erasmus, French and Italian Society. Moreover for this year we have planned to attend the Sauerkraut Football Cup for all German societies around the UK, an amazing boat trip on the Thames, the Winchester Christmas Market and finally a trip to Berlin.

The thing I enjoy about studying German is that the support provided by the lecturers of the Department of Modern Languages is focused primarily on my needs and are not generalised for the whole class. But whenever things get a bit rough with University work, the German society contributes to my student experience as a little reminder of why I love studying German German 1and chose to study it in the first place. I would therefore advise you to make the most of your University life. Time will go by so quickly and before you know it you will be graduating. Join societies, meet lots of people, join the gym and actively participate in volunteering.

Membership costs just £5 for students and £10 for non-students, which includes discounts at all socials. To find out more, check out the German Society’s Facebook group; follow their Twitter feed, or contact them by email: To learn more about studying languages at Reading, you should also visit the website of the Department of Modern Languages and European Studies at the University of Reading. To keep up with all of the Department’s students, staff, and alumni, follow this blog, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our Twitter feed.

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