Student Life: Speedmeeting in German

IMG_0752On Tuesday 6 October the Department of Modern Languages and European Studies hosted its first ever Speedmeeting event. Organised by DAAD Lektorin Sandra Beer and ÖAD Lektorin Regine Klimpfinger, the event brought together second year students of German at Reading with Erasmus students from Germany & Austria. We asked Steph King, a second year student of German and Geography, to let us know how it went:

The German staff provided us with drinks, snacks and lovely conversation last week when we had the opportunity to meet some German and Austrian Erasmus students studying here at Reading. It was really interesting and helpful to hear some tips and tricks about German life for our year abroad next year and to provide them with some of our own for life here in Reading! Not only was it a fun and relaxed evening, but also educational and reassuring. 5 Stars!

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