Happy Halloween from Italian Studies at Reading

Students of Italian celebrating with Dr Paola Nasti, Dante expert and organizer of this year's "Dante's Inferno" Halloween Party.

Students of Italian celebrating Halloween in Dante’s Inferno.

On the 29th of October, students and staff of the Italian section got together to celebrate Halloween with a ” festa in costume,” a fancy dress party. The party’s theme was Dante’s Inferno, and it was jointly organised by the students of the University of Reading’s Italian Society along with our resident Dante expert, Dr Paola Nasti. The party looked like a lot of fun, so we asked Daniela Strofton, a final-year student in Italian Studies and the Secretary of the Italian Society, to let us know how it went:

The party was organised by the wonderful Paola Nasti, who made two delicious pizzas and a pasta dish that kept everyone lingering around the food table. It was a lovely evening filled with great company, good wine and lots of laughter. The evening was an excellent opportunity for the students and lecturers to bond, but also for Erasmus students and Reading students to get to know each other a bit better.

Happy Halloween from Italian Studies at Reading

Happy Halloween from Italian Studies at Reading

After the success of the evening, the Italian Society and the department are eager to organise another fun evening similar to this one, so make sure you check our Facebook page and your emails for any upcoming events! And make sure, too, to follow this blog, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our Twitter feed, so that you can keep up on all the news and events of the Department of Modern Languages and European Studies at the University of Reading.

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