From learning Chinese at the University of Reading to using Chinese in Nanjing

a young woman stands in front of a white building in China

In Summer 2019, IWLP Chinese Stage 2 student Giang had the opportunity to travel to China and use her newly learnt language on the Nanjing International Youth Exchange Programme. She spoke warmly of her experience when she returned…

There is a famous saying: ‘You live a new life for every new language you speak’. For me, learning Chinese has brought so much fun and opened a new world. I am so grateful to have had Mrs Li as the first teacher in my learning Chinese journey. She not only guided me in the first step with Chinese but also gave me an opportunity to discover China. Mrs Li introduced the Nanjing International Youth Exchange Programme to my class in 2019. Thanks to her unfailing support, I got a chance to take part in this programme in Nanjing for 20 days – and it  was my greatest summer ever. I met many new friends from all over the world. We explored the historical city and had a real look at Chinese people’s lives today. The programme also offered us to intern at local companies at the industrial park. It was a golden opportunity to experience real-life business as a student. NIYEP was such an awesome program that I could use Chinese more and immerse myself with Chinese culture. Learning Chinese has truly helped me to live a new joyful life!

IWLP Chinese: Diversify your degree


Hi there, myThe author of the post is a young man smiling in a white shirt name is Morgan, and I graduated with a Business degree in 2022. I did IWLP Chinese for two years and I really enjoyed it as my tutor helped me find a very difficult language very interesting. One thing learning with the IWLP has given me is massive inspiration to undertake an internship in Taiwan, which I will be doing for around three or four months. I will be working for a renewable energy company and practising my Chinese, which is a very cool opportunity. One of the other reasons I really enjoyed IWLP Chinese is because it gave me a bit of diversity from my degree and shifted me away from the standard marketing and accounting stuff. I feel that this opportunity to diversify is an incredibly invaluable part of the IWLP modules.