Go Places with the IWLP and Study Abroad

Are you an undergraduate with at least one year left in your degree? Have you heard about the Study Abroad opportunities at UoR? Study Abroad is a golden opportunity to enrich your degree, broaden your horizons and, most importantly, have fun! (Note: this is different to the Year Abroad for students taking a language at degree level.)

You will study in English at the university abroad, but if you have some of the local language under your belt already, you will get so much more out of your experience.

IWLP Stage 1 modules aim to give you survival skills for travelling, so even with just one year’s IWLP study, you can understand the basics and the sounds of the language, decipher signs, greet people, introduce yourself in detail and order food in a restaurant or drinks in a bar.

Stages 2 and 3 expand on these skills, so the more language you learn before you go, the easier you will find it to get around and fit into the local community. And once you come back, you might be able to carry on with the IWLP and keep up your skills.

Reading has partnerships with universities in countries that use these IWLP languages:

French: France, Canada, Switzerland

German: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Italian: Italy

Japanese: Japan

Spanish: Spain

You can apply to study for one term or a whole year, as well as summer schools in France and Japan that offer a summer-only programme.


Not convinced? Read some of these student testimonials to whet your appetite:

EM Strasbourg Summer School, France

Tübingen University, Germany

Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italy – additionally, Darcey and Yagmur both took Italian Stage 1 and then studied in Venice – read about their experiences here and here.

University of Geneva, Switzerland


Please note that all Study Abroad opportunities have limited places and are subject to an application process, and there may be additional costs alongside the funding provided. You must also apply the year before you travel abroad, so it’s important to get organised and get the information you need as early as you can.

For more information, head to the the Study Abroad website.


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