IWLP Modern Greek: “I loved immersing myself in the culture!”

Γεια σας, my name is Iyla and I am studying BA Modern Languages. I decided to study IWLP Modern Greek in my first year because I had recently got back in contact with my grandad, who has lived in Greece for 12 years. I knew that we would make frequent holidays to see him, so I thought it would be a great idea to learn Greek. Taking an IWLP language was something I was so glad to have access to, and one of the main reasons I chose the University of Reading when making my choices.

I enjoyed everythinga young woman stands on a street in Greece in front of a sunset about the IWLP class. The group and the class interaction were extremely useful. At first it was wildly out of my comfort zone because it was so much talking straight from the beginning, but I began to adapt, and it also helped in my confidence in talking in my other languages! I met many different people learning Modern Greek for various reasons, and it was also very interesting to understand and learn about from them. It was very nerve-wracking to begin with, especially because Modern Greek uses an entirely different alphabet to English and the other languages I am learning, but I was glad to find that this was one of the easiest things to pick up and learn.

For me, the portfolio was the most enjoyable part of taking an IWLP language. I loved immersing myself in the culture and watching films, listening to music, trying out recipes, reading short stories, and more, in Modern Greek. I learnt a lot about how Greek people live and the typical things that are important within culture and traditions.

Balancing the IWLP language alongside my main course never felt stressful, as all the homework and working on the portfolio was something I liked doing. It was a very fulfilling moment when I was eventually able to go and visit my grandad and converse with all the locals. I was able to order for myself and my family, and it was at first very intimidating but being able to speak for myself and not rely on others and their English ability was a very satisfactory experience, and I would definitely recommend an IWLP language, and Modern Greek specifically!


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