8 great reasons to take a language module

The Institution-Wide Language Programme (IWLP) modules are open to all students and we would love you join us in the classroom! Not sure about signing up? Check out our list of 8 great reasons to learn a language and see if we can change your mind.


1. You’ll never have a better opportunity to do it.

Once you graduate, you will have lots of pressure on your time, but our language modules fit into your usual timetable and credit allowance. Take the chance now, just like Rhiannon and Annie did.


2. There are so many options to choose from.

We offer 10 languages: Arabic, British Sign Language, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Modern Greek, Russian and Spanish.


3. You can re-start a language you had to drop in the past.

Many of our students have studied to GCSE or A-Level but had to stop. All languages have multiple levels, so you can pick back up something you started in the past, like Olga, as well as learn a new language, like Phoebe.


4. You learn a practical skill.

From your first day in the classroom, you will be using the language. We aim for communicative competence and confidence in manipulating the language, so even beginner students can use the language for travel, like Yagmur and Darcey, or for communicating with friends and family, like Iyla. Emily even found herself using Spanish at work in Ascot! And that’s not to mention the new worlds of film, television and music you open up.


5. You will meet people from all over the Uni.

IWLP classes are open to all students from all degrees and year parts. In our interactive, friendly classes you will quickly get to know your fellow students and make new connections as you practise together – even if you are nervous about meeting new people, like Beth.


6. You will enrich your university experience.

Students often worry that they don’t have time to learn a language as well as their main degree, but our modules slot into your credit allocation. Students enjoy the change of pace and way of thinking in an IWLP module, which gives them variety overall, keeps their studies interesting and boosts their motivation – in fact, this positive aspect of language learning is in nearly all our student testimonials!


7. Your language can take you places you never expected.

Bella found that doing German directly influenced the film she chose to study for her dissertation. After learning Chinese, Giang travelled on an exchange programme to Nanjing and Morgan decided to do an internship in Taiwan. And Esmé’s future career was decided by taking BSL.


8. You will learn something that will stay with you forever.

IWLP modules equip you with the passion, practical skills and confidence to continue your language learning journey outside of the classroom. You will remain a lifelong language learner, even after you have graduated.
No-one has ever wished that they hadn’t learnt a new language!


Convinced? Visit our webpage.

Already picked your modules for next year? You may still be able to transfer onto one of our modules. Email us today: iwlp@reading.ac.uk

Or don’t have any optional modules available? You can still take a module non-credit for a fee:

Any questions? Email us: iwlp@reading.ac.uk


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