IWLP Spanish: “It will make you a more confident and curious person!”

a young woman in grey leggings and a beige top stands in front of a fountainHi, my name is Emily and I’m studying French and International Relations. I previously studied Spanish at GCSE level but I loved it so much that I wanted to carry on. I decided to take an IWLP module in my first year and this was quite an easy decision for me because I love languages!  It may seem intimidating to learn two languages at once, but it is actually really rewarding and it gives you the opportunity to compare and learn from both. I started at Stage 2 and am now studying at Stage 3.

Everyone in the class is there to learn so it is a comfortable and enthusiastic atmosphere where we can all help each other to improve. I have enjoyed learning not only about the language but also about Hispanic countries and cultures, which is an important part of the IWLP modules. As well as this, speaking and presenting in lessons has really improved my confidence in and out of the classroom. Completing a portfolio allowed me to take control of my own language learning, and develop skills that are also needed for my main degree.

In the summer I had the opportunity to meet a group of talented Spanish chefs while working at Ascot, and I was able to practice my Spanish with them a bit. They were very friendly and let me try lots of fresh Spanish cuisine. Although I haven’t visited any Spanish-speaking countries yet, I would love to go and use my new language skills. If you are hesitant to take an IWLP module I would definitely recommend it. Learning languages has taught me so much and it will make you a more confident and curious person!