We asked our Musical Leaders to interview each other; read on to find out their advice to their younger selves, and the worst thing that has happened on stage!

Name: Laura

Instruments: Flute

Year: 3, Undergraduate

Degree: Primary Education with Music Specialism

Music at Reading ensembles: Jazz Sounds, Festival Sinfonia

7 Questions:

What has been the worst or most memorable thing that has happened during a performance?

The end of my flute has fallen off in a concert before!

Who is your musical inspiration?

I’m going to be a stereotypical flautist and say James Galway or Jean Pierre Rampal

Which instrument do you wish you had learned?

I originally wanted to play the violin, but my mum said now. I think now, I would choose the oboe.

What musical advice would you give to your younger self?

Enjoy every musical opportunity that you can.

What musical moment are you most proud of?

Performing a solo with my youth orchestra in front of an audience.

Which three words describe you as a musician?

Perfectionist, dedicated, emotional