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We evaluate all applications to ensure that the team has a balance of skills throughout the year, and to ensure that the Universal Voices team comprises students of the highest quality to represent us throughout the year. Applications are invited from any undergraduate or postgraduate students at the University of Reading.

Students must be studying at the University throughout the period of their time as part of the Universal Voices Team. You can be part of the team for a minimum of one term, or throughout the whole year. The Universal Voices Team scheme can contribute to the RED Award.

Application Guidance:

The application form is a detailed questionnaire covering several important areas. Your answers will be evaluated by a panel, likely to include the Artistic Director, Music Coordinator, and current members of the Universal Voices Team – excluding those who are reapplying. 

  • General Information: You will be asked to let us know general information about yourself, including contact details and any instrument specialisms if applicable
  • Why should you become part of the Universal Voices Team: Let us know why you think you would make a great member of the Universal Voices team, what skills will you bring and how would you like to develop your skills further?
  • Role and Commitment: Let us know which role you would prefer, and which terms you would like to be involved with the Universal Voices team. Please make sure you have read and understood the commitments listed below, as running rehearsals relies heavily on team attendance.
  • Demographic Data: in order to improve our reach throughout the University, we are asking for certain demographic information so that we can analyse who we are reaching, and where we need to improve. Your data will not be passed on to any third parties.

Roles Available:

You will be asked to specify your preference in the application form. Read on to find out the differences between being a Leader and an Assistant.

 Universal Voices Leader:

  • Up to four positions available per term
  • Leaders are required to be at all sessions, including those outside of the University term
  • Musical focus
  • Leaders will coach a small group in musicianship skills each week
  • Leaders will have the opportunity to prepare performances for events
  • Leaders will have the opportunity to lead performances at events
  • Leaders will have regular contact with parents and carers of choir members

Universal Voices Assistant:

  • Up to four positions available per term
  • Assistants will usually be at all sessions, including those outside of the University term.
  • Pastoral focus
  • Assistants will lead on pastoral care, including registration and dismissal of children
  • Assistants will assist with event logistical preparation
  • Assistants will be trained to take card payments for t-shirts and other related Universal Voices payments
  • Assistants will have regular contact with parents and carers of choir members

Duration and Commitment

We know that students have different calls upon their time throughout the year, so you can choose which terms you would like to be involved with. The timetable for each term will be made available as soon as possible.

Regular commitments:

  • Weekly rehearsals, arriving by 16:30 and leaving after children have been dismissed by approximately 18:00
  • Monthly team meetings, to discuss musicianship group progress and plan for upcoming rehearsals and events
  • All events and performances during your allocated term.
  • Universal Voices follow the Reading Borough Council school terms, extending beyond the University academic terms, see the individual role descriptions for more information.

Termly Commitments:

  • Autumn Term, usually recruitment activities in schools leading up to a showcase performance for parents or performing in the Music at Reading end of term concert.
  • Spring Term, usually a big project performance (in recent years, this has included Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, and the Partnership Festival featuring up to 150 children from local schools)
  • Summer Term, usually a showcase performance for parents and the University’s Big Band Big Lunch or Alumni Family Funday

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