The official University of Reading Music Podcast hosted by James Smith and Ben Stone, giving their not-so-expert take on all things music from within the university and beyond. Featuring special guests, intellectual discussion, less intellectual discussion, music from local performers and more…
Listen on Spotify or BuzzSprout and watch the action on YouTube.
About Ben:

Ben is a recent History graduate at the University of Reading and has always been a keen member of the music community here. As a saxophonist, Ben’s played in big bands, saxophone ensembles, and concert bands. At the age of 17 he produced a charity concert to highlight young musicians and is a passionate believer the music plays an important role in everyone’s lives. His musical career highlight was bringing together a male acapella group at school with the best name ever conceived…Get ready because it’s gonna knock your socks off… “The Crescendudes” (He might be a little too proud of that).

As well as music, Ben was involved in student TV at Reading, managing the station for two years, so when his housemate told him “we’re making a podcast” he jumped at the opportunity to stick a camera in front of the microphones! So make sure to check out the podcast on YouTube as well!

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Note – James and Ben live in the same household, and are not breaking any Covid-19 restrictions to film and record this podcast.

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