Music during COVID-19

In-Person rehearsals are returning!

We are delighted that in-person music rehearsals are returning to the University of Reading for students and colleagues!

Register online to be sent the joining information, and read on to find out more…

Big Band – we are opening up for anyone who plays a jazz instrument to come and have a go. No auditions this term. Everyone welcome! Starting 17th May.

Choirs– to keep up with the demand and still ensure COVID-safety, we are continuing to run two choir sessions. One each for upper voices and mixed voices. Starting 20th May.

Team of Pianists for pianists who are interested in developing skills in ensemble work and accompaniment as well as solo performance. Starting 25th May.

Concert Orchestra – introducing our new, special summer term ensemble! This is concert band, string orchestra, brass band and chamber orchestra all rolled into one. Open to any and all instrumentalists. Just come and play! Starting 25th May.

Safety is our priority and we will be adhering to capacity limits and social distancing guidelines. Please help us with this by registering in advance: Click here to register.

Weekly Timetable:

Monday6:30-8:30Big Band - from 17th May
Tuesday6:30-7:30Team of Pianists - from 25th May
7:30-8:30Concert Orchestra - from 25th May
Thursday6:30-7:30SSAA Choir - from 20th May
7:30-8:30SAB Choir - from 20th May

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