Terms of Use

We hope you enjoy using the music practice rooms. Your safety and the safety of others when using the practice rooms is paramount; therefore, please observe the following rules:

The emergency exits are via the front entrance; via the fire door located at the end of the corridor, adjacent to Studio 1; via the fire door underneath the stairs, through the door mid-way down the corridor.

Ensure that windows are closed before you leave.

Windows in the doors to individual practice rooms should be left uncovered as they provide a means of checking the rooms in the case of an emergency.

Switch off the light in the music practice room before you leave.

Report any damage you observe to the Music Coordinator, music@reading.ac.uk. The rooms, resources and equipment in L29 are the property of the University of Reading and you should use them in a safe and appropriate manner.

No smoking, drinking or eating in any teaching room or practice room in L29.

Use of piano stools: A piano stool should never be adjusted when a person is seated, as it puts undue pressure on the mechanism and can break it. When adjusting a piano stool, please ensure that you do so whilst standing up.

Do not bring bicycles into the building; fire escape routes must be left clear at all times. Bicycles may be left in the rack in White Gates Car Park.

Please note that private teaching or commercial activity is not allowed in L29.

By using the practice rooms, I agree that:

The rooms should be returned to its original condition at the end of my period of usage. If using GO1 or GO3 I will stack the chairs and music stands at the sides of the rooms when vacating the room.

Any personal items I may bring into L29 are my own responsibility and that the University has no liability for the loss of or damage to these items.

I must not remove any item from L29, including instruments, without first obtaining the written permission of the Music Coordinator, music@reading.ac.uk

Access to L29 is only by the campus card issued to you, and you must carry this card at all time whilst in L29 and produce it on request by a member of staff. You must not give your campus card to any other individual so that they can access L29, and will not allow other individuals access to L29.


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