Michelle’s work for OpAL

IMG_3544 with cut and resized Michelle Oritsejafor and Ayuko Yamada

Michelle’s own words about her project: “I’m creating a video that will act as a guide to show people learning a new language how to make the most of a dictionary, which is something that sounds simple and basic, but is not really taught. I think learning how to use a dictionary in this interactive video format, using animation, and sound, is a fun and modern way to help students, even if they only incorporate some of the advice. I also think this will be beneficial for beginner level language students who can be confused by online dictionaries, and hopefully the activities we created can help them at least be wary and more aware that online dictionaries and translators are not always right.

The software I am using is Sparkol, which allows me to animate text and pictures and explain my ideas in an entertaining way, and I can see students watching the short video on their phones, or ipads on the go or at their desktops. I think it is a tool that all levels of learners can use, because many people forget the basics of learning a language, which can complicate things. Overall I hope this really helps students use dictionaries more during the language learning process.”

Pilar Gray Carlos

OpAL and PLanT

Ayuko resized Ayuko Yamada

One of the aims of OpAL is to have students involved in the creation of materials. PLanT (Partnership in Learning and Teaching) has enabled three our students to participate in our project. Luke Bailey, Michelle Oritsejafor and Ayuko Yamada are students with plenty of experince in learning a second language. They have been planning and designing materials for other students to use.  Luke, Michelle  and Ayuko are involved in exploring the use of online dictionaries and translation tools. Here we have a picture of Ayuko showing us a draft of her presentation on using online dictionaries that will become part of our OpAL project.

Pilar Gray Carlos