What is CentAUR?

CentAUR is an institutional repository of research publications from the University of Reading. Established in 2010, it records over 35,500 outputs, including journal articles and conference proceedings, books and chapters, and many other formats, including recent doctoral theses. Where relevant, it links to the University’s Research Data Archive.

CentAUR  is searchable worldwide and archives a significant number of full text versions of publications. It is an important player in increasing the visibility of the University’s research. There were 212,742 downloads from CentAUR in 2015 and 232,248 visitors to the site.


Unique visitors to CentAUR by month from 2012 to July 2016

CentAUR is key to the University’ s management of research publications, both for internal review, and in external compliance with HEFCE and funders. It is embedded in the UK repository landscape, using a variety of services which include IRUS-UK, Router, the SHERPA suite of tools  and Altmetric Explorer.


Monthly deposits in CentAUR from 2012 to July 2016

The regular infographics in our Open Research Blog, ORB, showcase the usage and content of the repository. The data are extracted from IRUS-UK, IRStats  and CentAUR.

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