Bridging Worlds Symposium

The Bridging Worlds: Sustainable Agriculture Conference (Thu, 31 Mar 2022, 09:00 –Fri, 1 Apr 2022, 17:00 BST) will facilitate interdisciplinary discussion designed to address a variety of key issues surrounding: agriculture, agri-science, agri-innovation, climate change, climate justice, sustainability, trade and development, sustainable irrigation, and water resource management, with a focus on representing voices from the Global South.

The objective is to enlighten, educate, and reform our understanding of sustainability in relation to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Climate Change.

Keynote speakers will include The honorable Dr Tahani Sileet, Head of External Partnerships, (Deputy) MP at the Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, and Ms Laura Kelly, Director of Shaping Sustainable Markets, from the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED).

Dr Sileet will describe irrigation and water resource management of the 11 Nil-Basin countries, and shed light on their joint efforts to meet the SDGs. While Ms Kelly will talk about the support and development work that she has undertaken on inclusive and green economies, that leave no one behind – touching on: sustainable habits, workstreams on improving access to energy, resilient marine ecosystems, valuing natural capital, improving food security, and artisanal and small-scale mining.

Early Career Researchers Presentations:

Each day, Postgraduate and Postdoctoral presentations will pave the way for engaging panel discussions addressing:

  • Sustainable Development of the Global South
  • Climate Change and Climate Justice
  • Sustainable trade: people, nature, and policy
  • Agri-Innovation and EIT Foods

Conference Organizers:

  • Reham El-Morally – Associate Lecturer in International Development
  • Tamisan Latherow – PhD Candidate in Agricultural, Environmental and Food Economics
  • Dr. Marcello de Maria – Post Doctoral Research Assistant in Applied
  • Annalyse Moskeland – PhD Candidate in Environmental Policy and Development
  • Jurgen Peci – PhD Candidate and Graduate Teaching Assistant in Applied Economics
  • Dr. Samuel Poskitt – Post Doctoral Research Assistant in International Development

We would like to thank and recognize our sponsor Corteva Agriscience. Corteva Agriscience is the only major agri-science company completely dedicated to agriculture. They annually fund a Corteva Symposium Series global network of student-organized and student-driven scientific symposia, hosted by leading academic and research institutions around the world.

Bridging Worlds_ Sustainable Agriculture Conference Schedule

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