Wittgenstein Forum

Next term we are going to launch a Wittgenstein Forum in our Department in order to provide a regular opportunity for members of staff and research students (and perhaps occasionally visiting speakers) to present and discuss any Wittgenstein-related work in progress.  This is meant to become a permanent institution.  Meetings will be fortnightly every term: Tuesdays (weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10), 4-6 pm.

The Wittgenstein Forum is to offer a convenient and casual setting for a continuous exchange among all those interested in Wittgenstein’s philosophy.  It will afford an opportunity to discuss both the big themes in Wittgenstein and also fairly specialised aspects of Wittgenstein scholarship that may not be of general philosophical interest.  Presentations can be much more informal than at the Departmental Research Seminar.  They need not be finished and well-structured papers, they can be considerably shorter (e.g. just a 10 minute interpretation of some interesting passage), or considerably longer (e.g. a draft of a substantive paper to be discussed in detail over 2-3 sessions) than an ordinary research talk.

Next term’s provisional programme is as follows:

Week 2:  30th April: Severin Schroeder, The Autonomy of Grammar and Grammatical Statements

Week 4: 14th May: Severin Schroeder, Mathematics as Grammar

Week 6: 28th May: John Preston, Wittgenstein, Hertz and Boltzmann

Week 8: 11th June: John Preston, Probability in the Tractatus

Week 10: 25th June: Nat Hansen, Remarks on Colour

Anybody who would like to give a presentation please contact Dr Severin Schroeder.

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