Summer Research Activity

This Summer has been a busy one for Reading Philosophy’s academics! Here are the details of what just a couple of them have been up to.

Dr James Andow’s article ‘Expecting Moral Philosophers to be Reliable‘ was published in Dialectica in July.  Any day soon his ‘How Distinctive Is Philosophers’  Intuition Talk?‘ (in Metaphilosophy), ‘Why compatibilist intuitions are not mistaken’ (in Philosophical Psychology) and ‘Intuitions’ (a critical notice in Analysis) are going to be published online.  James also gave a talk on ‘Expressive Injustice’ at KCL at the UK Minorities and Philosophy Conference on ‘Identity and Underrepresentation’.

Professor Maximilian de Gaynesford presented several papers, including one on Speech Acts and Poetry to the SOPHA (a French-speaking Analytic Philosophy Society) conference in Montreal, and another on Integrity in Films to a conference on Philosophy and Film in Manchester. He’ll also soon travelling to Mumbai to present a paper at a conference on Hilary Putnam.

Dr Nat Hansen spent his summer revising two papers for publication (one on linguistic experiments and one on colour metaphysics), putting together two grant proposals (one on the psychology of thought experiments in collaboration with the psychologist Phil Beaman, and one on contemporary ordinary language philosophy), starting a new experimental paper on cross-cultural context sensitivity with the philosopher Jing Zhu at Sun Yat-sen University (China), and directing an Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP) project on philosophical perspectives on the psychology of reasoning with Raul Ungureanu, a student from the psychology department at Reading. Before autumn term starts, he will present recent work at a conference on “J.L. Austin Today” (Oxford) and at the 3rd Philosophy of Language and Mind conference (Oslo).

Professor David Oderberg published his paper ‘Divine Premotion’ in the International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, and completed a paper on co-operation in immoral acts. He has also been working on a book about the metaphysics of good and evil, which he plans to finish next year.

Dr James Stazicker made several conference presentations, including: at a workshop with Ned Block, at the Centre for Philosophical Psychology, University of Antwerp: Determination is all you need; at a Workshop on Attention & Consciousness, at York University, Toronto, Canada: Action, Attention and Consciousness; and at the Mind Work in Progress group at Oxford: Partial Report, Consciousness and Self-Knowledge.

More updates to follow!

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