Autumn Term Visiting Speakers

Philosophy Department Speaker Series Autumn Term 2017

All talks are at 2-4pm.

Thursday 28th September Chancellor’s Building, G12. Philosophy Society: Dr. Richard Rowland (ACU). ‘Skepticism about Blameworthiness: Normative not Metaphysical’

Thursday 5th October Miller Building, G05. Work in Progress Seminar. Dr. James Andow (Reading). ‘Moral and Aesthetic Testimony’

TUESDAY 10th October Edith Morley Building, 127 PPE Talk. Prof. Elizabeth Harman (Princeton). ‘There is No Moral Ought and No Prudential Ought

Thursday 19th October. No talk.

Thursday 26th October Miller Building, G19 Research Seminar. Dr. Wouter Kalf (Utrecht).  ‘In Defence of Presupposition Moral Error Theory’

Thursday 2nd November. No talk.

Thursday 9th November Agriculture, 1L16 Research Seminar. Dr. Anna Mahtani (LSE). ‘Names for “merely statistical people”’

Thursday 16th November Palmer Building, 105 Philosophy Society.Prof. Alex Voorhoeve (LSE). ‘Epicurus on Pleasure, a Complete Life, and Death: A Defence’

Thursday 23rd November Edith Morley Building, G44 Research Seminar. Prof. Michael Brady (Glasgow). ‘The Appropriateness of Pride’

Thursday 30th November Edith Morley Building, 126 Research Seminar. Dr. Eugen Fischer (UEA). ‘Experimental argument analysis’

TUESDAY 5th December Edith Morley Building, 128 Research Seminar. Prof. Tim Mulgan (St Andrew’s). TBA

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