University of Reading Visiting Speaker Sessions

Spring Term 2021 [Online]
Platform: MS Teams
Thursdays 2-4pm

Talk details will be continuously updated on this page.

10 minutes into the talk, guests will no longer be permitted entry.

If you have any questions, email

To access the talks, just click here.

Date Speaker Title Abstract
14th Jan [START TIME 4PM] Eleonore Stump (Saint Louis) Mind-reading and the knowledge of persons Abstract
21st Jan Richard Playford (St Mary’s) A Response (or Addendum) to Oderberg on the Concept of a Species Abstract
28th Jan Philip Stratton-Lake (Reading) The variable wrongness objection to deprivation accounts of the wrong of killing Abstract
4th Feb Joshua Blanchard (Oakland) How to be a Moral Moral Realist Abstract
11th Feb Filippo Ferrari (Bonn) Logical Normativity and Logical Anti-Exceptionalism Abstract
25th Feb


Elinor Mason (Santa Barbara) Consent and Consensuality Abstract
4th Mar Sarah Sawyer (Sussex) Concept Pluralism in Conceptual Engineering Abstract
11th Mar Christopher Janaway (Southampton) Different kinds of willing in Schopenhauer


18th Mar Alison Hills (Oxford) Is Aesthetics Normative? Abstract
25th Mar David Miller (Oxford) Responsibility and the Duty of Rescue Abstract

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