University of Reading Visiting Speaker Sessions

Autumn Term 2021 [Online]
Platform: MS Teams
Thursdays 2-4pm [9th Dec 2021: 3-5pm]

Talk details will be continuously updated on this page.

10 minutes into the talk, guests will no longer be permitted entry.

If you have any questions, email

To access Alastair Norcross’ talk, just click here.

Date Speaker Title Abstract
30/9/2021 Christopher Bennett (Sheffield) Desert and Dissociation Abstract
7/10/2021 Yujia Song
Smithean Sympathy: Entangled Emotions Abstract
14/10/2021 Christopher Janaway
Different kinds of willing in Schopenhauer Abstract
21/10/2021 Francey Russell (Barnard/Columbia) The Mind’s Opacity and the Mind’s Reality Abstract
John Cottingham Lecture: Sir Anthony Kenny  

Executive Freedom in Descartes

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4/11/2021 READING WEEK



Farbod Akhlaghi
Is the Debate between Naturalists and Non-Naturalists an Ethical Debate? Abstract
18/11/2021 Petter Sandstad
Forms as Causes and Explanations Abstract
25/11/2021 Lucy McDonald
Intimacy: A Closer Look Abstract
2/12/2021 Emma Borg
In Defence of Individual Rationality Abstract
Alastair Norcross
Contextualist Scalar Consequentialism, Determinism, and the Non-Identity “Problem” Abstract


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