Living in the World’s Most Liveable City

University of Reading student studying abroad in Australia for a Semester

Not so long ago we caught up with Sarah who’s studying abroad at La Trobe University with her Art and History of Art degree at Reading. Read on to find out what else she has been up to half way through her semester abroad. 

So, I’m halfway through my time studying here in Aus and time has flown by! My courses and tutors have been great and really understanding in helping with my dissertation work and general studies. Although the modules haven’t linked directly to my course they have been broadening my knowledge about Australia, helping me gain awareness I wouldn’t get back home. An important aspect of studying abroad is to embrace a change of information flow and how to use new information to explore a wider outlook.

Australia has been amazing in giving me a different perspective of how art can be used as a learning tool for history and how our modern social and cultural lives can be impacted by the past. I have been looking at how art can give undocumented history a voice and Australia’s turbulent past is incredible to learn from. I have been studying Aboriginal art and also the display of art in galleries around Melbourne. I visited the Gold Coast and Byron Bay a few weeks back and stayed in an Airbnb whose host is an Aboriginal artist! Apart from having an amazing time surfing, seeing live bands, and getting a tan, I also got to interview Anthony as part of my dissertation and artwork. I have had so many experiences from study abroad that would not have been possible otherwise and greatly benefited my degree already.

University of Reading student studying abroad in Australia for a Semester

For the rest of the time of not soaking up the sun on the East Coast I’ve explored Melbourne, falling for its many exemplary coffee shops, rooftop bars, and beautiful architecture that combines British colonial times with the skyscrapers of our modern cities. For a city that is half the size of London you can still easily get lost in its streets and take a day of simply exploring it’s many markets. I’ve been amazed at the price of transport and taken advantage of the £2.50 day fair that lets you go around the whole city! For me personally a city experience was something I really wanted to gain from Study Abroad. London is great and so close to Reading but the minimum cost of at least £20 anytime I want to go in means it’s less of a regular occurrence than I’d like. Living on the outskirts of Melbourne has meant I’ve got to explore city life more than once a week and still have money left for my travel plans when Uni finishes!

University of Reading student studying abroad in Australia for a Semester

Living in the world’s most liveable city is pretty great, I must admit! At the halfway point of my studies I already feel as though 1 semester is not nearly enough. It was easy to get homesick for England in the first few weeks but it feels as though this is another home now and will be just as hard to leave. I’ll blog on again in the next month to let you know just how hard it is to say goodbye! But for now I’m off to the CBD[i] to catch up with a few friends over some good food and a pot[ii]!


[i] Melbourne Central Business District (city centre)
[ii] Half pint

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