Reading at War – WW1 commemorations and Flickr

By Hayley Whiting – Digital Content and Online Engagement Officer

A key theme of the Reading Connections project is Reading at War. The University of Reading holds in its archive a volume put together to commemorate those servicemen and women who fell during WW1 who were connected to the then Reading University College. It contains photographs of many of those listed on the war memorial built on the London Road Campus and those images have now been digitised and made available on Flickr.


At team of volunteers, myself and Ceri our intern have researched the service history, personal details and connections with the College for all those listed in the memorial book. This information, with the photographs, is now available on a dedicated Flickr site. The aim is for others with connections to these servicemen and women to add any information they have and the process will be one where others can gain from our research and us from them! All the information will be transferred to our online catalogue.

There are so many fascinating stories behind the photographs and the research has revealed that the College had connections with war poets, Wildred Owen and Ernest Denny, artists, eminent mathematicians, teachers and more. Each name in the volume reveals a huge sacrifice and the research has been heart-wrenching at times. There are some names for which we have not been able to discover the connection to the College, such as Francis Edward Bradshaw-Isherwood, the father of the writer Christopher Isherwood, and the Flickr site provides a way of reaching those who may be able to add vital information to aid our research.

E Denny W photo

The end result of this project will ensure that the contribution of those connected with the University of Reading who lost their lives in WW1 will not be forgotten.  Explore the Reading Connections Flickr site to learn more.

2 thoughts on “Reading at War – WW1 commemorations and Flickr

  1. I was fascinated by your site as I am currently doing some work on the RICS in World War I as I am the head of the Library there. I am not too sure yet where this will go but I am currently going through our casulalty lists and trying to find a small bit of information each member who died. I am envisaging writing regular articles for the RICS website during the centenary years but we’ll see! Obviously there is a lot of overlap between ourselves and the College of Estate Management. I am interested to know what more information you have and to ask permission to use some of your photographs from flickr when I get to point fo publishing?

    • Dear Cathy

      Thank you for your comment, I’ll email you to let you know what else is held here, and who to contact about using the images.


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