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We are the University of Reading Big Social Data Research Group and we span a range of disciplines across the university, from Systems Engineering to Linguistics and Maths to Economics.

J James Reade@jjreade – j.j.reade@reading.ac.uk – Lecturer in Economics, Department of Economics, holder of Twitter #datagrant to look at sports forecasting, and research interests in political polling and betting.

Giuseppe Di Fatta g.difatta@reading.ac.uk – Associate Professor of Computer Science, School of Systems Engineering, research interests in Scalable Data Mining and Machine Learning Algorithms, Predictive Analytics and Big Data Analytics, and Data Mining in Networks.

Anupam Nandaa.nanda@reading.ac.uk – Associate Professor in Real Estate Economics, research interests in Dynamic interactions across urban and regional markets and Information asymmetries.

Sylvia Jaworska s.jaworksa@reading.ac.uk – Lecturer in Applied Linguistics, research interests in Corpus Linguistics and Discourse Analysis applied to areas such as social media data.

Danica Vukadinovic Greetham – d.v.greetham@reading.ac.uk – Lecturer in Mathematics, research interests in Modelling and analysis of large networks, Social networks analysis, Agent-based modelling, head of Centre for the Mathematics of Human Behaviour.

Sarah Jewells.l.jewell@reading.ac.uk – Lecturer in Economics, Department of Economics, research interests in Human capital, economics of higher education, labour economics, life satisfaction.

Fred Stahl – fredericstahl.wordpress.com/ – f.stahl@reading.ac.uk – Lecturer Computer Science, School of Systems Engineering, research interests are in, Big Data Analytics, Data Stream Mining, Mobile Data Mining and Machine Learning.

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