Giving Back in Field Research

Macarena multitasking in the field.

Macarena multitasking in the field.

Macarena Cardenas (see blog posts from the 7th November 2014 – Fieldwork and Empowerment, and 3rd December 2014 – Beloved and Complicated in Bolivia 1) has highlighted a Special Issue of the Journal of Research Practice – Giving Back in Field Research, edited by Clare Gupta and Alice Bridget Kelly.

”The project of this special issue emerged from the guest editors’ experiences as field researchers in sub-Saharan Africa. During this time both researchers faced the difficult question of “giving back” to the communities in which, and with whom, they worked—communities that were often far less privileged than the researchers were in terms of wealth, mobility, education, and access to health care………….”



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