Wellbeing and Work Life Balance



Roberta Gilchrist (Head of School) highlighted both of these recent articles:


‘Tips on looking after your mental health as a PhD student’ by Holly Else (Times Higher 13th November 2014)


Learn to recognise and respond to signs of depression and stress – ‘A PhD can sound like a great career move: it challenges the intellect, expands horizons, boosts a CV and offers flexible working hours. But for some the nature of the work involved can take a toll on their mental health.’









‘Clocking off’ by Patience Schell (Times Higher) http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/tablet/1F32DF47/2014962.shared

‘Work need not – should not – be all consuming. Long hours hurt productivity, while leisure improves health and sharpens minds’

Five alive: scholarly ways to well-being

Patience Schell adapts the New Economics Foundation’s evidence-based “Five Ways to Well-being” for academic lives

Cultivate your human relationships at work. Invite a colleague for coffee. Walk down the hall and knock on a door instead of sending an email.

Be active
When a problem’s got you stuck, walk to the library to return those books, explore an unknown street, find your own “Sandwalk”. Give your mind the time to be carried by your body and roam free.

Take notice
Be mindful, look around, be in the moment and be aware. Be with your students as they learn. Be in the moment with your research, even when it’s frustrating. We’re so lucky that our field allows us to follow our curiosity.

Keep learning
Here again, we are lucky. Each time we redesign our courses, each time we approach a new aspect of our research, each time we’re given a new administrative task, we have an opportunity to learn, which is vital to our brain’s health and our well-being.

Be generous with your time. We are generous every time we help junior colleagues and students, create a postgraduate support group or work for our profession.

Do you have any tips?  Is there any additional support that could be offered to staff and students? Do you feel you have a good work life balance?  Could it be improved?…………..


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