Get more walking into your day – take your meetings outdoors

Last week was walk to work week.  One of the ideas that came out of this was to take meetings outside.  ‘Many people assume that meetings must take place sitting around a table and within the confines of four walls. In reality, the most creative moments take place outside them. Call a walking meeting and you’ll get a change of scenery, boost your energy, get some fresh air and burn a few calories too’










Why have a walking meeting?
• A chance to fit some physical activity into your day
• Different environments to inspire new ideas
• A chance to get some fresh air and natural light
• A shift in group dynamics
• Improve the group’s physical and mental well-being
• An opportunity to re-energise

Walking meetings are also great for one to ones; making it easier for people to feel more relaxed and discuss what’s on their mind.

Find more information here:,3DVGP,97MQ0H,C3XCK,1

Have you tried having a meeting outside? Did it work?  Will you try it again?

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