Faking it

On 7th June Athene Donald (Professor of Experimental Physics at Cambridge) wrote a blog post about ‘Faking It’ – how to fake a lack of experience to appear confident.


”It is bound to feel a bit unnerving to do anything for the first time and, as a result, there is the danger that you will ‘freeze’ or, at the very least, perform less well than you feel you’re capable of. How to beat that? In my view, the only way to do it is to ‘pretend’ that you know what you’re doing and slowly you’ll find that perhaps you really do. Of course, there are some things you may never be very good at; that is also true for everyone and in time you can work out what your own weaknesses are and avoid the wrong kind of situations and tasks. But, if you avoid everything just in case….you’ll never find out your strengths………….”










Have you put this into practice?  Does this work for you?  Do you have any hints and tips?

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