Five cities, seven years: my life post-PhD

Posted on the 30th June, Catherine Fletcher (Historian, Author, AHRC/BBC New Generation Thinker 2015) discusses how being an early career researcher is challenging.  In the seven years since she graduated with her PhD Catherine has had seven jobs.

‘In the conventional terms of academic “successes” (problematic though those are) I’ve done pretty well. The point is that this career track would have been close to impossible for anyone with caring responsibilities, or whose well-being relied on stability and routine. Five cities in seven years? This is not a good way to run things. But you know that. The first years of academic life are more than ever characterised by insecurity.’

You can read more on Catherine’s blog










What advice would you offer someone considering a post doc?  Is it possible to get security and stability while also doing a post doc?

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