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On her Twitter page Athene Donald (Professor of Experimental Physics at the University of Cambridge) has highlighted the BBC Radio 3 Programme Private Passions, and in particular the episode with Mark Miodownik a Professor of Materials and Society at University College London – ‘Great to get scientists talking about other parts of their life’




A little bit about Mark:

From concrete to chocolate and teacups to tennis racquets, it’s the everyday stuff of life that fascinates Mark Miodownik. He’s Professor of Materials and Society at University College London where he is also Director of the Institute of Making, a research hub for scientists, designers, engineers, artists, architects – and musicians. A passionate communicator about the vital role of science in society, he’s written a bestselling book Stuff Matters; he’s the scientist in residence on Dara O’Briain’s Science Club on BBC2; and he’s listed by The Times as one of the 100 most influential scientists in the UK’

What do you think? When you go for coffee or lunch are you still discussing work?  Should we take a proper break from work and discuss other things? Should we share more?  If you want to, there is no pressure!

New challenge –  when you next bump into someone in the corridor or meet for coffee don’t just talk about work, try discussing other topics too.  It could be interesting and you never know what you will learn!

For me, outside work I love gardening and this year I finally have some space to grow more plants.  A few of my successes (even if I say so myself!) are pictured below.  I could talk about my plans/ideas for next year all day (if I didn’t have to work!)…………..  What could you share about your life?

Clematis 1

FlowerRose 1


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