Why Ada Lovelace Day matters

Tuesday 13th October was Ada Lovelace Day (Ada worked with Charles Babbage on his ‘analytical machine’ which if it had been built would have been the first computer). This day celebrates women in science, and highlights role models to inspire current and future generations. Suzi Gage has written a really interesting article about this in the Guardian:

‘Of course, more needs to change than just visibility. The culture of academia needs to change in order for it to be a place that everyone can thrive. Unconscious biases are problematic and hard to remove precisely because they are unconscious. I may have been overlooked or belittled because I’m a woman – equally it’s likely I may have unconscious biases of my own. It isn’t just men who rate CVs with women’s names at the top as being of lower quality, the study that investigated this found that women did so too.’




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