Choosing your Path, Seizing Opportunities

On 11th November Athene Donald posted an interesting blog post about basic rules for taking control of your career.  I have picked just one to highlight below.  Read the full blog post to see all 10.

Rule number 5 – ”Don’t assume other people are ‘better’ than you because they act confident.Some people’s way of coping with difficulties and novelty is bluster. They cannot lose face by admitting they haven’t a clue what’s going on and so they look ultra-confident. If you yourself are shaking in your shoes, this can be very dispiriting. However, a loud voice does not mean the content is right; answering a reasonable question by raising eyebrows and looking shocked that you don’t know the answer already is almost always a sign of someone who doesn’t know the answer either but isn’t prepared to let on…………………………”

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