Life Tools talk: Overcoming Perfectionism: Wednesday 25th November, 4.00pm, Carrington 101

It’s likely that universities contain a higher proportion of perfectionists than most environments.  Many of the positive aspects of being a perfectionist such as conscientiousness and self-reliance equip students well for university life.  At the same time there are aspects of being a perfectionist that can undermine both work and general well-being.  One of the most common of these is procrastination, which is often the result of setting oneself impossible standards of perfection.

With this in mind, the next talk in the ‘Life Tools’ series is particularly useful for students who struggle to hand in their work on time.  ‘Overcoming Perfectionism’ will offer practical advice to students on why good enough is good enough, and give guidance on getting work done.

Students who attended this talk last year gave us the following feedback about the talk:


“It will help you study more efficiently”

“It is only an hour, you don’t have to actively participate and the advice really makes sense. “

“It is very helpful and you are bound to learn something that will help you in your studies.”

“A must go to!”

Open to all students, the talk is on Wednesday 25th November at 4.00pm in Carrington building, room 101.  There is no need to book a place – students should just come along on the day.


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