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On the 24th November 2015, I travelled to the Wayra Academy in Central London for the #iwill announcement event-where my new role as an ambassador officially began.

So, what is the #iwill campaign?

“#iwill is a national campaign that aims to make social action part of life for as many 10 to 20 year-olds as possible by the year 2020. Through collaboration and partnership it is spreading the word about the benefits of youth social action, working to embed it in the journey of young people and create fresh opportunities for participation.” –Step Up To Serve


The campaign is all about harnessing the energy and talents of the UK’s young people and using that energy to undertake positive social action, be it locally, nationally or internationally. It recognises the dual benefit of social action: you help others and in doing so, you help yourself! Be it personal satisfaction, skills development, employability etc. social action truly is a dual benefit activity. I believe EVERYONE should get involved from helping to break the wholly unacceptable stigma surrounding mental health (especially in young people), fighting for clean water and sanitation globally to reducing social isolation in those living with Dementia-the opportunities and possibilities are endless. Find your cause and get cracking!


During the event I had the honour to meet and chat social action with none other than HRH The Prince of Wales (A patron of the campaign). He is a true believer in the power of young people and has invested hugely in ensuring our media image improves-we’re not all ‘yobs’ despite being referred to as such 591 times in national newspapers in 2011.











Change affects our generation in a big way. But we’re going to be the generation that affects change in an even bigger way


#iwill, will you?!


Jack Abrey, Geography (Human and Physical) 1st Year

If you want to read more about why I’m an ambassador you can follow this link to my Ambassador profile

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