Wellbeing Cafe

Worried about going home for Christmas? Not looking forward to the break?   

Come and share your worries at The Wellbeing Cafe!

It may feel strange to NOT be looking forward to Christmas but a lot of people find it a really difficult time of year. Maybe you have parents and siblings living in different households and someone will be offended if you don’t spend Christmas with them…? Perhaps you can’t go home for Christmas…or you’re worried about how you are going to afford it? Or may be you’re dreading the prospect of going back home  after living your own life at uni…?

It can be hard to be a party-pooper when it seems everyone else is getting excited about the upcoming break, and the shops are full of non-stop carols and Christmas trees, but if the winter holiday is stressing you out…

Come and download at this week’s Peer Support Wellbeing Cafe!

THE WELLBEING CAFE – this Wednesday (and every Wednesday in term) 1 to 2.30 in the RUSU Study (behind Cafe Mondiale)

Drop by for a chat, and have a coffee…



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