Stop procrastination

The first talk in the ‘Life Tools’ series for 2016 will be of special interest to students who find it hard to get their work started and/or difficult to hand completed work in on time.  Some may also have returned to University this week having intended to get some studying done over the Christmas break – but haven’t done as much as they wanted to! ‘Stop procrastination!’ will:


  • Identify strategies to manage distractions,
  • Build confidence in your ability to study effectively and
  • Strengthen your willpower to get things done.


The talk will be given on Thursday 14th January at 3.00pm in Carrington 101.  There is no need to book a place – students should just come along on the day.


The ‘Life Tools’ talks are designed to enable students to acquire academic skills to help during their time at University and beyond.  Here are some of the comments they made last time which explain why attending this talk is such a good idea:


  • “Just DO IT!  Attend the talk rather than thinking about it”
  •  “Very honest!  Uses lots of examples which are effective”
  • “Just go!  There will be helpful and relevant information and techniques that will be very beneficial”
  • “It’s good for motivation and identifying problems so that they can be fixed!”
  •  “Go if you’re stuck on a piece of work – it might make you think differently about working”


 This talk will last around 45 minutes and there will be the chance to ask questions at the end.  It is one of a series of talks run by Student Wellbeing.



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