Increasing Concentration

The next talk in the ‘Life Tools’ series will help students improve their ability to concentrate – particularly when under pressure. 

“Increasing Concentration” is all about finding out how to focus better and work more productively.  The talk is taking place on Monday 1st February at 3.00pm in Carrington 101.   


Increasing Concentration” was one of the talks we ran last year which was very well attended.  The following comments are just some of those given on the feedback forms:


“Highly motivational – great advice too and not boring!”

”The talk is really interesting and gives useful tips to enhance one’s capacity and capability”

“Very helpful – definitely worth attending”

“I thought I already knew most of the things that were going to be talked about….. but I was wrong”

“It is really relevant to our goal achievement”


The ‘Life Tools’ talks programme is particularly designed to provide students with abilities, knowledge and attributes which will enhance their academic study.  There is no need to book a place for the talks – students should just come along on the day.  The talks are open to students at all levels of study and there is no charge for attendance.



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