Time to Talk

Yesterday was “Time to Talk” day and Student Wellbeing’s Peer Supporters were talking with many students in the Students Union and asking them to make a pledge to help end mental health stigma and discriminationWhen it comes to mental health, small things really can make a difference.  Listening and simply being there for someone else, showing you care and keeping in touch can help provide support to friends when they are feeling low. 

Here are just a few of the pledges that Reading University students wrote down.  Thank you to all those who stopped to talk;  we really appreciated your time and pledges: 


‘If I see someone with a mental illness getting bullied on social networks or anywhere else – I will personally step in and defend them’

‘I will listen to other people’s feelings because they are important’

‘I will talk more openly about my experiences to help others too’

‘I will be slower to judge and quicker to support’

‘I will make time to allow friends to discuss worries, anxieties and celebrate successes’


Best wishes

Counselling & Wellbeing Team



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