‘Life Tools’ programme: ‘Look After Your Mate’

Free Training Workshop:

3rd March, 12 – 2, HUMMS G10

In Student Wellbeing, we know that most students talk to their friends when they are having a tough time.   They do this because they can talk to friends in confidence and they know that they will help to keep challenges in perspective. The truth is that although University life can be brilliant, there are also unexpected difficulties – both academic and personal – and when we are in these situations we really need our mates to be there for us.

Friendship can play a key role in helping someone live with or recover from any difficulties they are facing. But it can sometimes be hard to know what to say when a friend is struggling.

On Thursday 3rd March from 12 – 2pm we will be running a FREE workshop:   ‘Look After Your Mate’ in HUMSS G10 that will give you the necessary tips and tools to help you to support a friend in need.

The Workshop includes key practical tips for supporting a friend:

Spotting signs in a friend
How to start a conversation
How to support a friend: Listening and learning
Signposting to support
Looking after your own wellbeing as a supporter


This workshop is particularly suitable for any students who already have or are thinking of volunteering for a welfare role within the University or are thinking of a career in one of the ‘caring’ professions such as the health service, social work, therapists, health visitors, teaching or human resources.  It is open to all, but you need to register for a place.

To sign up, please register here:  Look after your mate

For more information, contact: counselling@reading.ac.uk or visit the Counselling & Wellbeing’s Blackboard Pages.


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