Workload survival guide for academics

A brilliant article with contributions from multiple authors has been published today in the Times Higher . Here they discuss how to copy with a heavy workload, and when to say ‘no.’ I think this article will resonate with many people!

‘The downside of university life is that clear leisure time does not exist. There are no weekends with nothing to do. I have always thought that a key purpose of a PhD is to destroy a young person’s ability to enjoy leisure. Presumably, this is what it is like to be in the SAS. Once you have passed through extreme training, most normal activities are no longer stimulating, because your brain’s standard for what counts as excitement has been raised, and indeed can never go back……………… (Andrew Oswald Professor of economics at the University of Warwick)

Although the article is focused on academics, it also applies to PhD students, and indeed many staff in a University!



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