Managing academic pressure

Managing academic pressure ranks high on the list of priorities for many students.  Meeting deadlines, coping with assignments and preparing for exams:  all of these require strategies if a student is to be successful in managing the pressure.  It is with this in mind that the next Life Tools talk this week addresses this issue. 

Managing academic pressure  is on Thursday 10th March at 3.00pm in HUMSS G74.   There is no need to book a place – students should just come along on the day. 

Our talks receive very high ratings from your students.  The phrases  ‘‘amazing’, ‘really helpful’, ‘motivating’, ‘well worth attending’ regularly appear on our feedback forms.  Students wrote the following comments about this talk when it was given earlier in the academic year.  They sum up the reasons why students should consider coming:


‘It is very useful and gives a fresh perspective about doing a degree’


‘This talk puts University work into perspective and allows you to understand that you are capable and can do it.’


‘ It all makes sense and many people will be able to relate to what is said’


‘Very good tips that will help’ 


This is one of the ‘academic tools’ talks in the Life Tools series run by Student Wellbeing.  All students are welcome to attend.

Life Tools Talk - Managing Academic Pressure



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