Managing exams pressure

The Life Tools programme continues next week with talks particularly designed to help students prepare for examinations.

Coping with the pressure of exams ranks very high on the list of student priorities at this time of year so the talk on Monday focuses on this subject:   ‘Managing exams pressure’ is being given on 25th April at 1.00pm in Carrington 101.    Students will be offered advice on strategies to manage revision and cope better with their exams.  The talk will last around 45 minutes, followed by a chance to ask questions.


On Tuesday 26th April at 4.00pm, a second ‘Life Tools’ talk will focus on ‘Increasing concentration’.  At this talk, student will find out how to focus better and work more productively.  This talk will also be given in Carrington 101.

Many of you will know the very high ratings these talks receive from students.  The phrases  ‘‘amazing’, ‘really helpful’, ‘motivating’, ‘well worth attending’ regularly appear on feedback forms.  Feedback last summer included:  

‘Good advice and learning techniques’

‘Useful tips for positive thinking, focus and motivation’

‘Gives you perspective and brings you back to reality’

‘It makes you more confident in your abilities’


These talks are part of a series run by Student Wellbeing. There is no need to book a place for either talk – students can turn up on the day.

 Life Tools Talk - Managing Exams Pressure



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