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We have featured the Soapbox Science blog on previous occasions but it is always worth highlighting new posts and stories! There are a number of new posts including:

6th May – Entitled as anyone else to explore: Meet Jessica Clark (PhD student at the University of Edinburgh).

‘I would like for science to be seen as a field with its doors wide open to anyone inspired to ask questions. For so long it has been shrouded in the notion that the doors only exist to a privileged few, but this is changing and I would like more people to feel that they would be respected and just as entitled as anyone else to explore.’

5th May – Deaf life stories: What they reveal about the potential within all of us by Dr Goedele A. M. De Clerck (Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow at the Social Research with Deaf People (SORD) group at the University of Manchester).

‘Being a soapbox science speaker enables me to share a positive perspective on deaf people’s lives. For too long, their fascinating processes of empowerment and emancipation have remained in the shadows and in the margins. I am thrilled to expose a very wide audience to insight into the strengths in their own lives through exploring the incredible achievements of deaf people.’

3rd May – Get rid of the ”pomp”: Meet Clare Duncan (PhD student based between the Institute of Zoology (Zoological Society of London) and University College London

‘How I got to my current position was really about long periods of perseverance, hard work and passion for ecology, the environment and conservation………’

There are also many more posts!


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