Women ‘nearly twice as likely to have anxiety’ as men

Yesterday the BBC News website posted a discussion piece on a recent review of 48 published studies indicating that women are nearly twice as likely to experience anxiety as men.  ‘Its authors from Cambridge University say that as well as women, young people under 35 and those with health problems are particularly affected. They estimate that four in every 100 people have anxiety.’

Help is also at hand:

  • ‘Before you begin any treatment you should discuss your options with your doctor.
  • There are self-help books and online courses that can offer ways to manage your anxiety.
  • Your doctor may also recommend that you avoid too much caffeine and alcohol, and stop smoking.
  • Taking regular exercise may also help you relax.
  • You may be advised to try psychological treatment, such as cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) or mindfulness. CBT aims to challenge negative thoughts and behaviours, while mindfulness encourages the individual to focus on the here and now.
  • There are also different drug treatments that your doctor may prescribe.’

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