Professor Roberta Gilchrist voted Archaeologist of the Year

Professor Roberta Gilchrist (Research Dean for Heritage and Creativity), has become the first woman to win the Current Archaeology award for Archaeologist of the Year.

The award recognises Roberta’s recent research on the archaeology of Glastonbury Abbey, in which the reassessment of archaeological records revealed that several of the Abbey’s best known archaeological ‘facts’ were in fact myths themselves, perpetuated by excavators influenced by the abbey’s legends. Roberta’s research attracted widespread attention from both academic circles and international press alike.

The winners were announced at Current Archaeology Live! 2016, with each category winner determined by public vote. On receiving her award, Roberta said: “I am truly honoured to have been voted Current Archaeology’s Archaeologist of the Year 2016 and I would like to thank the Current Archaeology readers and wider public who voted for me. I’m delighted that my work on Glastonbury Abbey has captured the public imagination. I am particularly proud to be the first woman voted Archaeologist of the Year and to see that women dominated all categories of the Current Archaeology Awards 2016.”


Archaeologist of the Year 2016

Voting has just opened for the 8th annual Current Archaeology Awards.  These Awards celebrate the projects and publications that made the pages of Current Archaeology this year, and the people judged to have made outstanding contributions to archaeology. These awards are voted for entirely by the public – there are no panels of judges. Voting closes on 8 February 2016, and the winners will be announced at the special awards ceremony on 26 February at Current Archaeology Live! 2016. You will recognise Roberta’s name on the list for Archaeologist of the Year 2016:

Archaeologist of the Year 2016

You will also see that Hella Eckardt has been nominated for Book of the Year:

Book of the Year 2016

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