Celebrate What’s Right With the World

Today I would like to highlight a blog written by Chris Cross (a professional trainer, coach and facilitator).  You may know Chris from Springboard training here at Reading.  Chris has written a new post on ‘Celebrating What’s Right with the World’

‘when the workload is never ending, we need to alter our frame of mind, create options and do what we can do with grace and enthusiasm…………………..‘ I am going to try and put this into action today!


Imposter Syndrome Training

Yesterday Chris Cross (trainer in personal and professional development, arc-en-ciel Consultancy) led an Imposter Syndrome workshop for SAGES PhD students and early career staff.

Some background to the Imposter Syndrome:

‘Despite evidence of their abilities, many bright, capable people do not experience an inner sense of competence or success, believing instead that they have somehow managed to fool others into thinking they are smarter and more competent than they “know” themselves to be. People who feel like Impostors attribute their achievements to luck, charm, computer error, and
other external factors. Unable to internalize or feel deserving of their success, they live with a deep sense of inauthenticity and the fear that they will be found out.’ Dr Valerie Young from her workshop on How to Feel as Bright and Capable as Everyone Seems to Thinks You Are









In the workshop Chris highlighted some ways of redefining failure:

  • It’s human to make mistakes
  • There is value in failure
  • I’ve learnt a lot from things that haven’t worked out
  • Avoiding risk of failure leads to disappointment
  • Setbacks are just ‘curves in the road’
  • Everyone fails sometimes

Some statements for appreciating success. How many do you use?

  • I can take the credit when I have succeeded
  • I can appreciate small successes as well as the big
  • I can be proud of what I have achieved
  • I will appreciate my past experiences
  • I am developing and learning all of the time
  • I reflect on what I have achieved and give myself credit
  • I have no need to hand away my success to others
  • Comparing myself unfavourably to others is futile

Some strategies for success:

  • Keep your hand up – be persistent
  • Think widely – keep your options open
  • Stay focussed – don’t try to do too many things
  • Stop playing small
  • Celebrate success

Some statements to think about in order to take action and move forward:

What I need to STOP DOING…………………………

What I need to keep the SAME/DO MORE OF ……………………………….

What I need to START DOING……………………………………..


There are lots of resources which you may find useful:





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