Lisa Jardine – Desert Island Discs

Hilary Geoghegan highlighted a recent edition of Desert Island discs with Professor Lisa Jardine (Professor of Renaissance Studies, University College London). Lisa was elected an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society on the 10th July 2015.

Historian, biographer, public thinker, mathematician – her proclivities are wide ranging and well regarded with prize winning books on subjects as diverse as Sir Christopher Wren, Seventeenth century Holland, Erasmus and women in the time of Shakespeare. Her current day job is leading the Department of Renaissance Studies at University College London, she’s also a prolific writer and broadcaster. If that all seems a little ivory tower for your tastes think again; as Chair of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority for many years she was at the sharp end of the complex conundrums and high emotion that surround the artificial creation of life, leading the world in developing the legal framework that governs IVF treatment.’

In this episode Lisa discusses how she is a very emotional person but how ‘women have to come across as cerebral if they are to be taken seriously.  It is shocking but they do.’  Do you agree?

Lisa also highlights that ‘I only do things I love, and I love everything I do…….’  Is this true for you?  Is this possible?

You can listen to the full episode here –